Union Meeting for Prostitutes  

Teater Tribunalen, Stockholm 2007
Concept: Arena Baubo
Artists and performers: Maria Stiernborg, Kajsa Wadhia, Weiwei Jin, Åsa Widéen, Katja Seitajoki, Lina Benneth and Maria Magdolna Beky Winnerstam.
Texts by: Isabella Lund, M, Fairy, Catrin, Pye and Tanja Suhinina.

A ”meringue ice-cream mix” of stories by luxury escorts, drug addicted prostitutes and other hookers wih an expert panel topping whipped together with love by us stage whores.

Arena Baubo invited six persons who sell sex, to write texts for this performance. The topics of the texts vary between the invisible whore stigma, drug addiction, abuse and rape, the Swedish law against buying sex, inhibiting sexual morals, sexual desire and sexual freedom, and respect, feminism and love.

Using an anti-hierarchical work structure, a lot of reading on the subject, a short, artistic process and their own personal perspectives on prostitution, sexuality and performing arts, they did a first attempt and met the audience during four performances.

The response they got from prostitutes, experts and the audience, and the discussions that were initiated during and after the performances inspired them to develop the project further.

Supported by Svenska Kulturfonden

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