About us

Arena Baubo was founded in 2006 as a polyphonic arena for performing arts. Since then the group has created work employing interdisciplinary methods and anti-hierarchical
structures within a variety of formats such as performances, talks and seminars in order to generate new impulses, ideas and encounters. From 2015 and onwards Katja Seitajok has served as artistic director, lifting burning societal issues in artistic projects aimed at both young audiences and adults - with curiosity, bravery and a sense of humour as compass. The encounter between the artistic work and audiences is central in all tha Arena Baubo does. The group has created performances in traditional theatre spaces as well as in public spaces and in nature. Several performances have been immersive and interactive. Working this way demands taking extra care of the audience, which in turn ha meant that they have developed a level of expertise in audience contact throughout the years. 
Katja Seitajoki | katjaseitajoki@gmail.com | +46 702 698 532