Leadingfollowing: the spectator's dance

Photo: José Figueroa

School of Dance and Circus, MDT in Stockholm and Inkonst in Malmö 2014

An artistic investigation into leading through following and following through taking initiatives.

9th - 11th September 8 pm and 10th September 6 pm at MDT Stockholm

Arena Baubo works with the unforeseen impulses and rhythms that the practice of leading and following together, at the same time, can provoke. They question and rethink power relations using the method of leading through following and following through taking initiatives. A constant negotiation between positions and roles weave into and affect the structure of the performance. The performance draws attentions to the feedback loop of the audience which makes up the dance between the art work and its spectators. Katja Seitajoki and Kajsa Wadhia are exploring how they can simultaneously lead and follow the process artistically and organisationally while raising the question if the method could be applied politically on a larger scale.

A performance by Kajsa Wadhia and Katja Seitajoki
Sound design: Martin Vognsen
Light design: Johan Bjellsäter
Film: Ylva Henrikson
Producer: Emelie Bergbohm

Documentation of the performance by Tove Salmgren >>

Clemens Altgård / Skånskan
www.skanskan.se >>

The premiere was at Inkonst in Malmö 14- 15 of May 2014
Supported by Swedish Art Council, DOCH and Dansens Hus in Stockholm

Katja Seitajoki | katjaseitajoki@gmail.com | +46 702 698 532