Jag är som skogen fast annorlunda

Photo: Jose Figueroa

An interactive performance where children (ages 4-7) through sound, movement and storytelling get to discover and explore the secrets of the forest in a glade.
The performance opens up the senses, and is a playful experience in nature that evokes thoughts about man and the way animals live in nature. Music, sound and dance create enchanting encounters between children and nature.
Jag är som skogen fast annorlunda starts with the audience gathering in a forest glade. Three dancers guide the children through the experience in the forest, where a soundscape embraces the children. They get to explore the site through movement and play in unusual ways, and discover new perspectives on nature and the treasures of the forest.

The entire show is performed outdoors in the forest. Please dress accordingly!

Show length is about 35 minutes. Expect it to be one hour in total.

Supported by the Swedish Arts Council and Region Stockholm.
Concept and Choreography: Katja Seitajoki in collaboration with dancers
Composer: Tomas Björkdal
Performers: Destiny af Kleen, Marcus Baldemar and Katja Seitajoki.
Costume Design: Maline Casta
Text: Katja Seitajoki
Voice: Bengt CW Carlsson, Judith Israelsson Casta, Esmilda Adzuki Dallard
Production: Arena Baubo
Co-production: Weld
In collaboration with Art Lab Gnesta, Skeppsholmsstudion and Gula Villan.

Note: Show plays in Swedish only.
Katja Seitajoki | katjaseitajoki@gmail.com | +46 702 698 532