Camouflage – patterns in motion

Photo: José Figueroa

The piece “Camouflage - patterns in motion” explores how boundaries transform to passages when different movement languages camouflage each other. The room and bodies have no rigid boundaries but become meeting points where various languages, sound and movements cooperate in their divergences. A poetic and dynamic field is created when three dancers with backgrounds in western contemporary dance, West-African modern dance and Indian contemporary Bharata Natyam dance blend together and transform the room. Power structures between bodies are being displaced and meaningful systems need to be reconsidered. How is the body structured? Who actually owns the tradition of movement and who has the privilege to define our time? In a panorama of roving movements different voices are weaved into one another and new patterns of thought and movement appear. Who can camouflage oneself?

Concept, text and choreography: Katja Seitajoki
in collaboration with Allison Ahl, David Dioubaté, Pauline Reibell and Kajsa Sandström
Dancers: Allison Ahl, David Dioubaté and Pauline Reibell
Scenography and costume: Majli af Ekenstam
Light design: Kerstin Weimers
Sound composition: Lisa Ullén and Sofia Jernberg
Text composition: Sophie Helsing
Producer: Annie Kay Dahlström - BOHM BOHM ROOM
Co-produced by MDT, Turteatern och Inkonst

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